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Are you planning to move from, in or to Enschede? And are you looking for a moving company that not only works professionally but also thinks about your wallet? Then StudentVerhuisTeam is the moving company in Enschede for you! We guarantee you a very low price while maintaining quality and professionalism. Would you like to know more about our services or would you like to know what your move will cost you in Enschede? Then call one of our moving experts via 085 902 68 08 or request a free quotation and be pleasantly surprised.

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Reserve your relocation one week in advance and receive a 5% early booking discount on the enitre relocation.

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What does my move cost?

cheapest moving company for students in Enschede

As a student you are in the prime of your life. You are developing yourself and you are orienting yourself on the job market. Your education gives you quite little time and space to carry out your move yourself, what do you do? You are looking for a moving company in Enschede that is not only affordable but also competent to move your belongings undamaged to your student residence or studio. Then you should pick StudentVerhuisTeam. We have got the best value for money moving service in Enschede. We came up with a concept wherein you enjoy the best quality moving service for a low price, namely: experienced movers who form a close-knit team with student movers who follow a course to become a All Round Handyman. The experienced movers keep our quality high and know all the tricks of the trade. The student movers keep a high work rate, which means that you pay fewer hours at the bottom of the line and you get to enjoy your new home even faster. Moreover, the hourly rate of these students is much lower than the experienced movers. This lowers the threshold and even more students and expats can now use our quality moving service in Enschede. 

Professionally moving with moving company Enschede

It is a fact that we are the cheapest moving company in Enschede but that does not mean that you have to compromise on quality and that you can not move with peace of mind. On the contrary the quality of our moving service is not only guaranteed by our experienced movers, but also by our professional approach. We offer you a customized moving plan in which all your wishes are included with a complete step-by-step plan, a moving van equipped with professional moving materials and a good insurance policy if in the unlikely event of damage occurs. Each moving van is equipped with a hydraulic tailgate, blankets, straps, transport platforms, hand trolleys, stretch foil and a tool box to ensure your move is quick, efficient and damage-free. In the unlikely event of any damage, do not fear, because you are insured with us up to a amount of € 50.000,- and more if this has been agreed in writing. So you can trust our approach and you know that you are doing business with a reliable and professional moving company. Do you live in an apartment in Enschede and want to save even more time and of course money? That is possible by using our modern moving elevator. In this way we guarantee you the best quality of a moving service in Enschede for the lowest price.

What does a move in Enschede cost?

Each move is unique and different. To determine what your relocation will cost, we need additional information from you. To provide this information you can freely use our quotation form. Based on these data, our experts tailor a customized moving plan with a quotation. You will receive this within a few hours after you submit the quotation form. It is the cheapest moving quote that you will receive in your mailbox. You do not believe us? Request a free quotation through our quotation form and compare it with other offers, you will be pleasantly surprised. Do you want to know more about our professional moving service in Enschede? Then please contact our moving experts in Enschede via 085 902 68 08.


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