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Are you looking for the cheapest moving company in Maastricht? Well you found it! StudentVerhuisTeam is not only the cheapest but also the most skilled moving company within our price range. Our moving team of renowned and student movers have already helped hundreds if not thousands of customers. We will also gladly take care of your relocation when it suits you. Are you curious about the services we offer you? Request a quotation free of obligation from the cheapest moving company in Maastricht or send an e-mail to

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Reserve your relocation one week in advance and receive a 5% early booking discount on the enitre relocation.

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We also move students in Maastricht

StudentVerhuisTeam is the moving company in Maastricht consisting of students for students. As mentioned earlier, we employ not only experienced movers, but also student movers. Our student movers are first trained to continue to develop, realize their ambitions and bring out the expert in themselves. The moving compartment is central but equally important is the interaction with customers and colleagues, safety and physical strain. In addition, all movers are managed by an experienced mover, who is also the supervisor. The supervisor acts as a fixed point of contact for you. The use of student movers in addition to experienced movers brings many benefits, namely: a high work rate resulting in lower working hours and a lower hourly rate. By combining students with experienced movers, a qualitative moving service is offered at a very low price. The threshold for hiring a moving company is much lower. Student and expat moving in Maastricht is now also possible for a very low price.

Direct emergency moving in Maastricht

Are you looking for a moving company that can help you with your emergency relocation in Maastricht? Then look no further, because you have found this, namely StudentVerhuisTeam. We offer you the cheapest emergency relocation service in Maastricht. As you have read before, we not only work with experienced movers but also with student movers. These student movers are not only much cheaper than experienced movers, but are also very flexible. This means that our movers are ready for you 24/7. Do you want to hand over your urgent relocation in Maastricht? Contact our moving experts in Maastricht via 085 902 68 08.

Cheap move in Maastricht

You can only move cheaply with our reliable moving company in Maastricht. Not only are we specialized in private moving, but also in business removals, large and small. StudentVerhuisTeam weekly helps more than a dozen clients with their relocation in and around Maastricht. As described earlier, we also employ students in addition to renowned movers. Both are well trained and have the necessary experience and high work pace. By making teams from both groups we are not only much cheaper than our competitors, but we offer the same quality. After the move, we conduct an evaluation interview to check whether your expectations have been met and to record any points for improvement. Your feedback is highly appreciated. This way we maintain our high quality.

What does a moving company in Maastricht cost?

Each move is unique and different. Our movers and experts have gained enough experience to successfully carry out every conceivable move. To determine what your relocation costs, you need to provide data, such as: what is the distance from the parking space to the front door of your home, do you live in an apartment or in a family home etc. To provide this information you can use our free quotation form. Based on these data, our experts tailor a customized moving plan with a quotation. You will receive this within a few hours after you submit the quotation form. Do you want to know more about our cheap removal services? Then please contact our moving experts in Maastricht via 085 902 68 08.


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