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Are you looking for a moving company in Groningen with the best price-quality ratio? Then you are at the right place at StudentVerhuisTeam Groningen. We offer you the best moving service in Groningen at a great price. By putting together a close team of experienced movers and students, we can deliver the same quality as a recognized moving company for a lower price. Our teams are described by customers as a well-oiled machine that works fast and efficient. Every mover knows what is expected of him, is communicative and has customer satisfaction high on the list.

Why you should choose for moving company Groningen!


You will receive the cheapest quotation in your mailbox within 3 hours.


We are flexible on a daily basis for relocations.


We work with experienced and skilled movers and transporters.


We move you in Groningen with the lowest price guarantee.


We have staff who master both the Dutch and the English language.


We have all the resources and services for accommodation under our own management.


Urgent Moving in Groningen? Make use of our urgent removal service.


We've got good insurance.

The best price-quality ratio in and around Groningen

You can count on customer-friendly movers at moving company Groningen who think along with you at all times to exceed your wishes. With our moving service in Groningen you can enjoy the years of experience that we have acquired as a moving company. Our movers who are experienced en well-trained have the necessary certificates to ensure safety during your relocation. They only work with professional moving materials such as moving blankets, straps, furniture rollers and a tool box. This contributes to a smooth, efficient and safe move in and around Groningen. To make your move even more pleasant, we also offer a moving elevator service in Groningen. This minimizes the risk of damage and allows you to carry out your relocation time and cost-saving.

The cheapest moving service for students in Groningen

We offer you the cheapest moving service in Groningen. We constantly ask ourselves the question: “In what way can we offer our moving service cheaper without sacrificing quality? After having completed all the processes within the moving company and the entire moving process, we came up with an idea. The idea is: to put experienced movers together with students who follow a course to become a All Round Handyman in a close-knit team. Fear not all our movers are trained before they are deployed on relocations. This course encourages them to continue to develop, realize their ambitions and bring out the expert in themselves. The moving compartment is central but equally important is the interaction with customers and colleagues, safety and physical strain. This training enables our movers to carry out their work better, both technically and communicatively. Students keep a high work rate, which means that you pay fewer hours at the bottom of the line. Moreover, the hourly rate of these students is much lower than the experienced movers. The experienced movers keep our quality high and know all the tricks of the trade. By combining students with experienced movers, a qualitative moving service is offered at a cheap rate. This benefits our value for money and therefore lowers the threshold and now even more students and less fortunate people in our society can also use our quality removal service in Groningen. StudentVerhuisTeam is set up by a student and works with students for students. But also for anyone who wants to relinquish their move at an attractive price.

What does a move in Groningen cost?

StudentVerhuisTeam is the affordable solution for all your moving in Groningen. A move is already offered from € 50,- incl. VAT. Whether it is a private or business, student or senior relocation, we do it all for you. We give you the lowest price guarantee in Groningen. We keep our prices sharp because we compare daily. Through good word of mouth and a good review on social media, StudentVerhuisTeam has grown into the best moving company in Groningen. Do not pay too much for your move and ask today for a free quote or ask your questions by telephone to our moving experts in Groningen via 085 902 68 08.

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